Integrative Massage

My signature massage service. With a strong belief that healing is multi-dimensional, and using a mind-body-spirit approach to wellness, each treatment is customized to the needs of the individual client. The SOzen Signature Integrative Massage is based on the premise that no part of  the body is independent of the
whole body-system;  and as such, may require more than one style of bodywork  to meet the client’s needs and goals for the session.

Your Integrative Massage may consist of the following modalities. Should you require a specialist we are happy to refer you to our preferred list of providers.

Esalen® Massage

Esalen Massage is a flowing, nurturing full-body massage that treats the whole person rather than individual parts by tuning the mind and body together to create a sense of serenity and peace. Esalen massage is widely effective for clients seeking pain relief, energy release, or stress reduction.

Craniosacral Therapy

One of the gentlest forms of bodywork, craniosacral therapy is also one of the most powerful. This holistic therapy is so gentle it can be used to treat newborn infants and the elderly. By feeling the rhythm of the craniosacral system, placing hands lightly on various areas of the body to best determine where the craniosacral rhythm is irregular or weak, I will then use a light touch (approximately 5 grams, the weight of a nickel) to release restrictions in the fascia around the craniosacral system. The benefits of treatment include reduction of stress, deep muscular relaxation, and an overall enhancement of health. A greater sense of calm, clarity, and connectedness are often experienced after a craniosacral session.

Swedish Massage

Traditional European-style massage designed to promote relaxation, increase circulation, and relieve muscular tension

Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT) is an approach to soft-tissue manual therapy using quasi-static pressure.

Trigger Point Therapy

A method of NMT to relieve and eliminate hypersensitive areas in muscles, tendons, and fascia by the application of direct pressure for approximately 30 seconds. Usually, the trigger point is not in the area of pain, but pressure over the point will elicit pain in a referred area. Once the pain is reduced, massage is applied to restore circulation to the area and remove waste products.

Deep Tissue

Great for providing chronic pain relief by addressing pain in specific areas of the deeper layers of muscles. The primary aim is to break up adhesions (“knots”) in the muscle tissue and improve circulation and lymph flow to those areas in need of treatment. To get to these deeper layers, I will work more slowly, and use forearms, elbows, and fists, and may also use tools to get deeper pressure. Clients can expect a level of discomfort during a session; however, you should always inform the therapist if you are feeling pain during the treatment. You may feel some soreness after the massage, but within a few days you should notice the muscles are looser and you feel better.


Similar to acupressure, reflexology works with the body’s energy flow to stimulate self-healing and maintain balance in physical function by stimulating the body’s organs and relieving areas of congestion.

Positional Release Therapy

PRT is a specialized technique focusing on treating protective muscle spasm in the body. Finding a tender point in the body (muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints) the client’s body or body part is then moved towards the position of greatest comfort. Once in this position of comfort, the point should no longer be tender. This precise position is held for a minimum of 90 seconds but can be held for several minutes. Once the release is complete, there will be a sense of lengthening and relaxation in the tissues. Once the release is felt, the client is slowly taken out of the position of comfort and the tissues should be relaxed.

Range of Motion

A variety of methods used to improve the client’s range of motion, including PNF Stretching, Thai, Trager, and traditional stretching and range of motion exercises.

Other Add-Ons:

Dry Brushing

A body brush with firm bristles is used to give your skin a thorough exfoliation, while the pressure used helps stimulate circulation and lymph drainage.
Please allow for an additional 10 minutes to therapy treatment time.


Your choice of scented essential oils added to your treatment lubricant.

Sugar Scrub for Feet, Hands, or Back

A pampering service that will exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Your choice of scented oil is added to our scrub base which is applied directly on the skin.  Warm towels are then used to remove excess sugar,  and then followed by an application of skin lubricant to leave the skin feeling soft and revitalized.

Chair Massage

Whether you are in need of a quick pick-me-up or needing some quick relaxation, a chair massage may be just the thing you need. Chair massage is a style of seated massage performed in a specially designed chair, and focuses on the back, shoulder, neck, and arms. The client remains clothed.

Corporate Chair Massage

Enhance the performance and health of your company’s important asset – its employees. Studies have proven that chair massage in the workplace increases employee productivity, decreases stress, and improves concentration and moral. On-site massage does not require a private room and can be offered at the workstation. The massage therapist uses a special chair designed for massage in the workplace. The length of the session is usually 10-15 minutes, the length of a typical work break. During the massage, the recipient is seated and fully clothed. Please call for a quote 423.361.0545

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